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Call for papers: Footprint #22: Exploring Architectural Form: A Configurative Triad


The Call for Papers for Footprint 22 is out now.

Stavros Kousoulas and Jorge Mejía Hernández will be the editors of this issue, dedicated to the theme "Exploring Architectural Form: A Configurative Triad". Authors of full articles (6000-8000 words) are requested to submit their contributions to the editors before 1 May, 2017. Full articles will go through a double blind peer-review process. Review articles (2000–4000 words) and reasoned analyses (2000 words, 2 – 5 images) will be selected by the editors on the basis of a short summary (maximum 500 words) which must also be submitted before 1 May, 2017. All authors should include a short bio (300 words) with their submissions. We ask authors to refer to Footprint Author Guidelines, available here.

For submissions and inquiries, please contact editors Stavros Kousoulas and Jorge Mejía Hernández at

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Issue # 19 | Autumn / Winter 2016 | Spaces of Conflict

Footprint 19 focuses on the more recent roles of architecture in the contemporary spaces of conflict. Departing from a spatial understanding of geopolitical, climatological and economical conflicts, the various contributions highlight the large scale and phenomenal transitions in the physical world and in society by extrapolating, through examples, the abundance of relations that can be traced between conflict, territory and architecture. Conflict areas often prove to be fertile grounds for innovation and for the emergence of new spatial forms. The issue reports on the state of perpetual global unrest in architecture through a series of articles and case studies that highlight the consequences of conflicts in the places and spaces that we inhabit. In the introduction, these are discussed as an interlinked global reality rather than as isolated incidents. In doing so, the contemporary spaces of conflict are positioned in the context of emerging global trends, conditions, and discourses in the attempt to address their indicative symptoms while reflecting on their underlying causes.

Full Issue

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Table of Contents


Marc Schoonderbeek, Malkit Shoshan


Yael Allweil
Samia Henni
Fabiano Micocci
Sarah Riviere
Ayesha Sarfraz, Arsalan Rafique
Sam Grabowska

Case Study

James O'Leary
Nada Maani
Daniel Tan
Killian Doherty
Socrates Stratis, Emre Akbil
Moniek Driesse, Isaac Landeros